nedjelja, 19. srpnja 2015.

Iced cappuccino

Hello everyone! Where and how are you spending this hot Sunday?
With temperatures which these days go up to 40 degrees Celsius I'm not in the mood to drink a hot Franck chocolate cappuccino and I don't drink coffee. ;) So, this iced cappuccino is a great choice to cool down a bit and its preparation is quick and easy.

četvrtak, 16. srpnja 2015.

Testing the Avon Magic Effects matte top coat

In my last new in post I mentioned the Avon matte top coat. Today you'll see it in action. I tried it as a topcoat over my white, black and blue nail polish.

U zadnjem new in postu spomenula sam Avonov mat nadlak. Danas ću vam ga pokazati u akciji. Probala sam ga preko bijelog, crnog i plavog laka. 

When I tried it for the first time the nail polish I had underneath got smudged. It looked something like this, but worse because on the photo below I waited a few moments for it to dry, but it was not enough.

subota, 11. srpnja 2015.

Finding time to write a diary

I like to write a diary, but in the evening I'm sometimes too lazy and too tired to pick it up and write something. I have already filled one diary and I must say that I'm proud of myself. I don't know when did I got it, but it was a gift from my sister and the first date in it is the 24th of May, 2010 (I was 14 then) and the last date is the 5th of April, 2014! In my first diary I was writing about events and what was I doing that day. My thoughts and feelings were in second plan, but that changed over time. As I get older I realise the point of writing a diary more. I'm so glad that I recorded some things and so happy because I still do that.

utorak, 7. srpnja 2015.

Starting with blushes

I'm not an expert when it comes to blushes, but I know something. I was always afraid of blushes because I thought that I wouldn't know how to apply them or that I will have an ugly peach line on my cheeks and look like a clown.

nedjelja, 5. srpnja 2015.

Favorite songs of the week

This week I've been listening to three songs over and over again. The first one is River flows in you. One word: perfection. Every time I listen to it I wish that I knew how to play a piano so I could play it. It is really beautiful. I had it on replay in May but then I stopped listening to it and this week I'm listening to it several times per day. When I need something to relax I just hit play on that song and I'm good.

petak, 3. srpnja 2015.

You are unique!

The reason why I'm writing this post is a video that I saw yesterday. A few months ago a Kylie Jenner lip challenge was popular. My opinion hasn't change since the day I've seen it, but I had too many obligations so I couldn't write about it here. There is still people sucking the glass and posting in on Instagram. The point of the video I've watched was why would you suck a glass when you can use makeup to get bigger lips or Kylie Jenner lips. And that is true, there are tutorials on YouTube on how to get bigger lips if you want them.

Jučer sam naletjela na jedan video zbog kojeg i pišem ovaj post. Prije par mjeseci bio je popularan Kylie Jenner lip challenge. I tada sam imala isto mišljenje o njemu kao i sada, ali zatrpana obvezama nisam ništa napisala na blogu. I još uvijek na Instagramu ima ljudi koji sisaju čašu. Uglavnom, glavna poanta tog videa koji sam gledala je zašto sisati čašu kada možeš upotrijebiti šminku da dobiješ pune usne odnosno Kylie Jenner usne. I to je istina, na YouTube-u ima puno tutoriala kako postići pune usne ako ih već želite.

I don't get it, why would everyone like to have Kylie Jenner lips when most people are claiming that they have their own style, that they are not doing what most people are doing and so on. Unfourtanetly, a lot of girls (I've seen boys doing this challenge too!) are not happy with how they look like or they just want to do what's trending now and maybe Kylie Jenner is their role model. I don't know. I have a lot of questions on my mind. Why, why would you suck a glass or anything that's near you when it has gone wrong in so many cases? Do you really want bruises around your lips?

četvrtak, 2. srpnja 2015.

New in #5

Hello everyone! My last new in was in January and since then I have bought just few things which I'm going to show you today. I wasn't shopping a lot because I'm saving my money. ;)

Bok svima! Zadnji new in je bio u siječnju i otada sam kupila samo nekoliko stvarčica koje ću vam danas pokazati. Nisam puno kupovala budući da štedim novce. ;)

I bought Garnier cleansing wipes in DM and they cost 19,90 kn (if i remember well). DM had buy one, get one free promotion so I got the second packaging for free. In the packaging you get 25 ultra cleansing wipes and each wipe contains 2 doses of cleansing milk for removing longwear and waterproof makeup. It removes my eyemakeup nicely, but the rest of makeup not so good I think. When I would use a cotton pad with clindamycin there would be a trace of my foundation or a bb creme left on it. Also, my skin is not sticky after using.
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