srijeda, 9. prosinca 2015.

Body&Soul makeup sponge

I have bought the Body&Soul makeup sponge in Muller and it cost 20 kn (about 2,62). I don't own a real beauty blender so I can't tell you all the differences.

Body&Soul makeup spužvu sam kupila u Mulleru po cijeni od 20 kuna. Ne posjedujem pravi beauty blender tako da ne mogu iznijeti sve razlike.

nedjelja, 6. prosinca 2015.

Decorating my ceiling lights

Have you ever tried to make 3d snowflakes? If you haven't, maybe it's time. It's cold outside and nice and warm in the house, perfect for a small project and a cup of Nesquik. My snowflakes were made two years ago but if you store them nicely you can use them the following year as well. I hang them every year on this ceiling light (and on the other one because we have two of them in our room) and they make our room beautiful and create a winter atmosphere.

utorak, 1. prosinca 2015.

Counting days until Christmas

It is the 1st of December and to be precise there are only 23 days 6 hours 1 minute and 59 seconds until Christmas (yaaaay). I'm counting down the days by turning the cubes that I made two years ago. I found this idea in a YouTube video. The cubes and the cuboid are wooden, I painted them with white tempera paint and then found different Christmas papers on the Internet and wrote the numbers on them in Paint, printed them out and glued everything. On one cube numbers are 2, 6 (it serves as a 9 as well), 7, 1, 0, 8 and on the other one 4, 0, 1, 2, 3, 5.

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