srijeda, 9. prosinca 2015.

Body&Soul makeup sponge

I have bought the Body&Soul makeup sponge in Muller and it cost 20 kn (about 2,62). I don't own a real beauty blender so I can't tell you all the differences.

Body&Soul makeup spužvu sam kupila u Mulleru po cijeni od 20 kuna. Ne posjedujem pravi beauty blender tako da ne mogu iznijeti sve razlike.

nedjelja, 6. prosinca 2015.

Decorating my ceiling lights

Have you ever tried to make 3d snowflakes? If you haven't, maybe it's time. It's cold outside and nice and warm in the house, perfect for a small project and a cup of Nesquik. My snowflakes were made two years ago but if you store them nicely you can use them the following year as well. I hang them every year on this ceiling light (and on the other one because we have two of them in our room) and they make our room beautiful and create a winter atmosphere.

utorak, 1. prosinca 2015.

Counting days until Christmas

It is the 1st of December and to be precise there are only 23 days 6 hours 1 minute and 59 seconds until Christmas (yaaaay). I'm counting down the days by turning the cubes that I made two years ago. I found this idea in a YouTube video. The cubes and the cuboid are wooden, I painted them with white tempera paint and then found different Christmas papers on the Internet and wrote the numbers on them in Paint, printed them out and glued everything. On one cube numbers are 2, 6 (it serves as a 9 as well), 7, 1, 0, 8 and on the other one 4, 0, 1, 2, 3, 5.

ponedjeljak, 30. studenoga 2015.

Non beauty favourites

A wild Friday night ;)
Today is the last day of the month of November and I'm bringing you my favourites, my non beauty favourites to be precise. In some of my last posts I mentioned my camera and the Harry Potter series so I don't need to explain too much here. They really deserve their place in these favourites especially the Harry Potter books in which I have been enjoying since October.

srijeda, 25. studenoga 2015.

Things I have made time for

I got the inspiration for this post after watching Estee Lalonde's 5 things I want to make more time for video. Although I have a list of things I want to make more time for in my head, recently I have made time for some things and achieved some kind of a goal.

petak, 20. studenoga 2015.

What have I been reading?

I like to share with you what am I reading at the moment and in the last month I have been enjoying in the Harry Potter series so why not share it here. On the 15th of October I borrowed the Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone which I have read three years ago, but since I decided that I want to read all of the books I read it again to remember everything. I'm currently reading the Harry Potter and the goblet of fire.

nedjelja, 15. studenoga 2015.

My blogging camera

I thought that it would be interesting to write something about the camera I use. I bought it on the 25th of March this year in a store called Svijet medija and it cost 2879,10 kn (about 379,83 EUR). There is a black and red version and after long thinking I decided for the red one and I don't regret it at all. With the body, I also got the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II lens.

utorak, 10. studenoga 2015.

H&M Conscious

Two weeks ago I was cleaning my closet and decided to get rid of some things that were just taking place.  Mostly, these were old t-shirts for around the house or damaged clothing pieces. I've put it in a bag and brought it to H&M and got a 15% dicount on one clothing piece.

nedjelja, 11. listopada 2015.

My nail art brushes

Today I'm showing you my nail art brushes. They were ordered from eBay in 2013. I ordered them through a website that orders for you so it was a bit more expensive. They cost $1,93. Unfortunately I don't remember how long did it take them to arrive. Link to the brushes:

petak, 2. listopada 2015.

Month dedicated to nails

This month I decided to do something different and dedicate a whole month to one topic. Since I have nail polishes that I haven't shown here I decided to dedicate November to nails. Throughout this month I'll show you nail polishes by Avon, an Essence nail polish, two manicures and brushes that I use for nail art. As you can see there will be a lot of blog posts. ;) I will post them every three days so the next one goes up on 5th and the last one on 29th. See you! :)

ponedjeljak, 28. rujna 2015.

Kada i kako se početi pripremati za državnu maturu? (obvezni predmeti)

This post will only be in Croatian because I'm writing about nationwide leaving exams here in Croatia aka državna matura in our language.

Danas ću vam tipkati o tome kako sam se pripremala za polaganje obveznih predmeta državne mature. Ako želite znati kako sam se pripremala za polaganje izbornih predmeta klik OVDJE

srijeda, 23. rujna 2015.

Timeline with Wet n Wild Cherry bomb

Today I'll show you a Wet n Wild lipstick in the shade Cherry bomb which I love and if you're looking for a new autumn lipstick check out this one, it's amazing. The only thing I don't like about this lipstick is the packaging. Originally I was going to buy the one in the shade Cherry picking but I couldn't find it in Cvjetni or Avenue Mall so I decided for this one. Then, on the Wet n Wild Facebook page, I saw that new shades are available and I waited for five days to go to Zagreb to buy it, but there wasn't new shades in Cvjetni. Disappointment and sadness. :(
Instead of just writing about how much does this lipstick last and how it looks after a meal and drink I decided to make a timeline with photos (I had it on my lips for five hours without fixing it). I haven't seen this type of post before so I thought it would be interesting. There will be a time mark on the photo and description below. I hope you'll like this type of post. 

Danas ću vam pokazati Wet n Wild ruž u nijansi Cherry bomb kojeg obožavam i ako tražite neki novi ruž za jesen bacite oko na ovaj, odličan je. Jedina stvar koja mi se ne sviđa kod ovog ruža je pakiranje. Inače, išla sam kupiti ruž u nijansi Cherry picking, ali nisam ga našla ni u Cvjetnom ni u Avenue Mallu pa sam se odlučila za ovaj. Kasnije sam vidjela na Wet n Wild Facebook stranici da su nove nijanse dostupne i strpljivo sam čekala pet dana do povratka u Zagreb, ali u Cvjetnom uopće nije bilo novih nijansi. Razočaranje i tuga. :(  
Umjesto da vam ja samo pišem o tome koliko ovaj ruž  traje i kako izgleda nakon jela i pića odlučila sam napraviti vremensku lentu s fotografijama (imala sam ga na usnama pet sati bez popravljanja). Još nisam vidjela ovakav tip posta pa sam mislila da bi moglo biti zanimljivo. Na fotografiji će se nalaziti oznaka vremena, a ispod slike opis. Nadam se da će vam se svidjeti ovakav tip posta.

After applying // Nakon nanošenja

nedjelja, 20. rujna 2015.

First impression: Schaebens peel-off mask

I have never tried a peel-off mask but I always wanted. I haven't done any research on the Internet to find which one I should buy. I just went to Müller and saw what they have. At the end I bought the Schaebens peel-off mask. For 15 ml you'll have to pay 7,50 kn (about 0,99). I tried it yesterday and today I bring you my first impressions. The mask is a gel-like texture and it has a very pleasant fruity scent.

Peel-off maska je nešto što nikada nisam probala, ali već duže vrijeme želim. Nisam istraživala i tražila po internetu koju bih mogla kupiti već sam došla u Müller i pogledala što se nudi. Na kraju sam se odlučila za ovu Schaebens peel-off masku. Za 15 ml izdvojit ćete 7,50 kn. Jučer sam ju probala i danas vam donosim svoje prve dojmove. Maska je gelaste teksture i vrlo je ugodnog voćnog mirisa.

What does the Schaebens says about their product? Face mask with thermal water, pearl extract, pineapple, papaya, kiwi and panthenol. For all skin types. Cleanses the skin deep. Freed from sebum. Refines the skin’s appearance. Promotes blood circulation.

Što proizvođač kaže o proizvodu? Maska namijenjena čišćenju svih tipova kože. Sadrži ananas, papaju, kivi, pantenol, alantoin i bisabolol. Uklanja odumrle stanice, poboljošava prokrvljenost kože.

At the beginning I felt like it's cooling my face a bit, then it started to dry and on some parts, while I was talking, I could felt tightening. Which is normal because you then feel that the mask is drying.

U početku sam osjećala kao da mi malo hladi lice, a onda se počela sušiti i na nekim sam dijelovima, dok sam pričala, osjetila zatezanje. Što je normalno jer tako osjećate da se maska suši.

After 15 minutes it was time for removing the mask. I thought that peeling the mask off  the forehead is going to be hard because I've put a thinner layer there than on the rest of the face, but it turned out differently. It was so easy to peel it off on forehead. On the cheeks, where I put a bit more, I couldn't peel it off in one piece. Then I rinsed my face with water to get rid of any residues. After using this mask my face feels soft. All in all I'm happy with the result and I think it's a good mask. I still have product left for one more use so next time I know that a thin layer is enough. And one more thing, next time I won't throw the residues in the sink because it all sticks then. Thanks to my sister, my photographer, without her you wouldn't be able to see putting on and peeling off the mask.

Have you trid peel-off masks? What do you think about them?

Nakon petnaestak minuta bilo je vrijeme za uklanjanje maske. Mislila sam da će se sa čela maska najteže guliti jer sam ju ondje stavila u tanjem sloju nego na ostatak lica, ali ispalo je drugačije. Sa čela se najlakše skinula, a sa obraza, gdje sam stavila malo više, nisam ju baš mogla povući u komadu. Ostatke sam isprala vodom. Nakon skidanja maske, lice mi je mekano. Sve u svemu zadovoljna sam rezultatom i mislim da je ovo dobra maska. Još mi je ostalo proizvoda za jednu upotrebu tako da za sljedeći put znam da je i tanji sloj dosta. I još nešto, sljedeći put neću ostatke bacati u umivaonik jer se sve zalijepi. Hvala mojoj sestri, mom fotografu, bez koje ne biste mogli vidjeti stavljanje i skidanje maske.

Jeste li probali peel-off maske? Što mislite o njima? 

utorak, 15. rujna 2015.

Kada i kako se početi pripremati za državnu maturu? (izborni predmeti)

This post will only be in Croatian because I'm writing about nationwide leaving exams here in Croatia aka državna matura in our language.

Lipanj ove godine je za mene bio mjesec polaganja ispita državne mature. Znam da je možda rano, tek je rujan, ali što prije napišem i objavim ovaj post postoji veća mogućnost da će ga više ljudi vidjeti i da će možda nekome pomoći.

Pa krenimo ovako. Izborni predmeti koje sam izabrala za polaganje bili su politika i gospodarstvo i psihologija. Gospodarstvo i psihologiju sam kao predmete imala u 2. razredu srednje škole. Znači znanje mi baš i nije bilo najsvježije. Budući da sam se krenula pripremati tek kada je škola završila baš se i nisam nadala dobrim ocjenama.

Bila sam odlična učenica, učila sam kada je trebalo za testove i odgovaranja nadajući se da će mi to možda pomoći kada dođu ispiti državne mature. I možda mi i nije toliko pomoglo kod izbornih predmeta, ali kod obveznih sigurno je. Iako moram priznati da dok sam čitala udžbenik iz psihologije dosta toga sam se prisjetila i bilo mi je lakše budući da sam već bila upoznata s pojmovima. Kao što sam već napisala, krenula sam se pripremati tek kada je škola završila. Prvo sam u dva dana pročitala udžbenik iz politike i gospodarstva i zatim odmah išla riješiti ispit koji sam isprintala. (Par dana prije završetka škole isprintala sam sve moguće ispite. S rješavanjem sam krenula od starijih prema novijim.) Moj savjet je da ako ćete već krenuti s pripremom ovako kasno kao ja, onda si organizirajte vrijeme. Napravila sam kalendar, označila kada imam ispite, vidjela koliko sam ispita isprintala i prosječno sam svaka dva dana rješavala testove. Za ispit iz psihologije sam se također pripremala tako što sam pročitala udžbenik. Kroz par dana sam pročitala cijeli udžbenik i onda riješila test. Udžbenik iz politike i gospodarstva sam pročitala dva puta, a udžbenik iz psihologije tri puta (ako se dobro sjećam). 

Kada rješavate ispite možete uočiti da se neka pitanja ponavljaju pa na to obratite pažnju. Označite u udžbeniku važne pojmove ili odlomke. Probajte na ispitu ne ostaviti ništa prazno, ako se ne možete sjetiti točnog odgovora, ali znate djelomičan odgovor, napišite ga, to vam možda donese bod u zadacima produženog odgovora iz psihologije.

Ako vas zanima uspjela sam se pripremiti u tako kratkom roku, i iz PiG-a i psihologije sam dobila četvorku. :D

I na kraju da sažmem:
1. Isprintajte ispite ili ih jednostavno skinite sa stranice NCVVO-a pa na neki papir pišite odgovore
2. Organizirajte si vrijeme
3. Pročitajte udžbenike iz predmeta koje ste odabrali za polaganje
4. Krenite rješavati ispite od starijih prema novijim, a onaj od jesenskog roka prošle godine ostavite za kraj (ja sam ih riješila dan ili dva prije samog ispita)
4. Obratite pažnju na pitanja i pojmove koja se pojavljuju u većini ispita
5. Kada riješite ispite, označite pitanja na koja ste krivo odgovorili ili niste znali odgovor i proučite ih

Post za pripremu obveznih predmeta stiže uskoro.

subota, 5. rujna 2015.

Starting with eyeliners

With the Essence liquid eyeliner with the brush applicator I've used the liquid from the Essence liquid eyeliner with the ultra soft tip (I explained why in my New in #5 blog post; it's only temporarily)
I started using eyeliners in the first year of high school if I remember well and I can say that I've mastered the technique, I even apply it for my sister. :D It all comes down to practising. At the beginning I was better in thick lines because thin lines required more precision.

petak, 28. kolovoza 2015.

My birthday makeup

If you didn't know my birthday was on Saturday and I wanted to share my makeup from that day with you! The star of this look is a Catrice liquid metal eyeshadow in the shade Underworld evobluetion (110) which I've used in my crease. I really like this look so I did my makeup like this a few times since my birthday. I hope you like it too! Enjoy in the video and photos! :)

Ako niste znali u subotu mi je bio rođendan i htjela sam s vama podijeliti kako sam se našminkala! Zvijezda ovog looka je Catrice liquid metal sjenilo u nijansi Underworld evobluetion (110) koje sam koristila u pregibu. Meni se jako sviđa ovaj look tako da sam ga od rođendana nosila već par puta. Nadam se da će se i vama svidjeti! Uživajte u videu i slikama! :)

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