nedjelja, 11. listopada 2015.

My nail art brushes

Today I'm showing you my nail art brushes. They were ordered from eBay in 2013. I ordered them through a website that orders for you so it was a bit more expensive. They cost $1,93. Unfortunately I don't remember how long did it take them to arrive. Link to the brushes:

petak, 2. listopada 2015.

Month dedicated to nails

This month I decided to do something different and dedicate a whole month to one topic. Since I have nail polishes that I haven't shown here I decided to dedicate November to nails. Throughout this month I'll show you nail polishes by Avon, an Essence nail polish, two manicures and brushes that I use for nail art. As you can see there will be a lot of blog posts. ;) I will post them every three days so the next one goes up on 5th and the last one on 29th. See you! :)

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