utorak, 11. ožujka 2014.

Playing with braids

On Sunday evening I was trying to do a Milkmaid braid and it didin't turn out very well. If I fail in doing something like that I try to do something different, something that I have never tried to do. I grabbed the braids that I have made for a Milkmaid braid and basically wrapped them around my head. I've put them back and pull them from the back to the front of my head if you understand me haha. I suck at explaining things like this. One more try. So, you pull the one braid from the back to the front of your head and you do the same thing with another one and you use bobby pins to secure them. I don't know if this exists or not but it is very interesting and something that I would like to do more often because it looks amazing. It's like on the back of your head you have Milkmaid braid and in the front of your head a halo braid.
I'm sorry about the bobby pins on the pictures. I wasn't trying to hide them because it was only an attempt.

Do you like when I post pictures of my attempts? :)

4 komentara:

  1. ajme kako ti se kosa sjaji *.*
    volim pletenice, premda su moji pokušaji često završavali neuspjehom, a već dugo nemam tako dugu kosu da ih se uopće isplati plesti :)

    1. hvala ;)
      ja sam se već ispraksirala i stalno tražim neke nove vrste. I duga i kratka kosa imaju svoje prednosti i mane. :)

  2. Hi I love your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award: xxx


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