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Liebster Award

I came to my blog today to check out the news and saw that Chloe (her blog) has nominated me for a Liebster Award. I wasn't having a great day and this made me smile. It's always encouraging to know that there are other people who appreciate the effort that I put in my blogging. Thank you all for reading and leaving comments. <3
I don't know anything about this award so I needed to find some information about it. 
I have read about it on Chloe's blog and I think that it is a fun way of getting to know other bloggers. 
She has listed 10 questions that I need to answer. I will nominate 10 blogs and set them 10 questions to answer. I will leave a comment in one post of people I have nominated. Also you need to link person that nominated you (me).

10 questions by Chloe
1. Who is your favourite blogger/youtuber to read and watch?
I have already written a post about my favourite youtubers but I will list them again. So I love to watch Meredith Foster, Bethany Mota, Ingrid Nilsen and Zoe. My favourite blogs are nail crazy and beauty and mess

2. What is your one go to beauty product and why?
My one go to beauty product is my bb cream. If I don't have anything else on my face I have my bb cream because I just like when my face looks like it doesn't have any imperfections.

3. What is a fact about you, which your blog readers may not already know?
My blog readers don't know that I'm still in higschool. I think that I haven't written that anywhere.

4. What inspired you to start blogging?
Like most of people I have started watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading some of blogs and that inspired me. All the girls that were sharing their advice and who were self-confident just made me realize that I would also like to do that. I love blogging and it makes me happy. 

5. What is your favourite high street beauty product?
Favorite high street beauty product?! I really don't know. Maybelline rocket mascara which I don't own but I have tried it and it's amazing.

6. What is your favourite high end product?
I don't really use any high end beauty products but I would like to try one of the three Naked palettes. I have got as a present Shiseido cream eyeshadow and lipgloss and they are very good.

7. What is your ambition in life?
My ambition is to finish college and to find a job. I would also like to keep blogging and improve my blog posts. Who knows, maybe one day I will start a YouTube channel.

8. What are your tips for anyone who wants to start blogging?
My tip is to blog with love. If you don't like it and you're doing it because of somebody else you will find it as an obligation and not as passion. If you love it keep blogging because there are people who enjoy reading your posts. ;)

9. Whats a beauty product you have bought and been really disappointed in?
I have bought and have been disappointed in Essence I <3 stage eyeshadow base. It's just not made for my oily eyelids.

10. What is your favourite clothes shop and why?
I love shopping but I haven't been in a clothes shop for a really long time because I didin't need anything. My favourites are H&M and Bershka.

Thank you all for reading. I hope that you enjoyed reading my answers. Down below are my questions and nominations. Hope you all have a lovely evening! :)

My questions:
1. How do you like to spend weekends?
2. What's your favourite nailpolish?
3. How do you see yourself in the future?
4. Do you regret for not doing something and why?
5. What are you doing execpt blogging?
6. What's your favourite beauty product and why?
7. Do you have some talents that you haven't share with the world yet?
8. How many languages do you speak?
9. What's your favourite piece of clothing?
10. Why and when did you star blogging?

I nominate:
Nail crazy

The polish rainbow

Rainbow flower

A little make up obsessed

Le make up freak

What's up Zoe?

Sara's magical world

Stela Sequin


Mrs brunette beauty

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  1. Mia hvala ti puno, naročito na odgovoru na prvo pitanje :*
    još si u srednjoj školi, to znači da si mlađa od mog sina... kolegice blogerice ;)
    uf, odjednom se osjećam prastaro :P

    1. ništa, jako volim gledati što si napravila i definitivno si mi najdraži blogger :*
      možda sam i starija od njega haha, ove godine završavam treći razred ;)
      ma nisi :)

  2. hvala na nominaciji ;) rainbow flower

  3. I really like this post :)
    have a good weekend

  4. thanks so much for the nomination. I will be doing this post soon!


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