nedjelja, 23. veljače 2014.

Rosal LipBalm Morning Rose

Hello! :)

As you can see from the photos today I'm going to write something about Rosal LipBalm Morning Rose. But first, why did I bought this product? I saw commercial about it on TV, thought it was pretty and I decided that I need to have it. What a story!

It comes in a cute little package like every lip balm so you can take it everywhere with you. I don't really like pink color but this is in a nice shade of pink, not too light, not too dark, perfect for me. Before I put it on my lips, I put my Labello Lip Butter Vanillia&Macadamia because I read that it dries your lips. It doesn't last very long. I have a habit putting my lip balm everytime it gets in my hands which is very often, so I constantly fix it.

For its price this product is ok. It has that typical smell but nothing that bothers me. I like it and I would buy it again.

Have a nice day!

4 komentara:

  1. o, pa ti si sasvim nova tu, dobrodošla :D
    kupila i ja, malo mi je presuho za balzam, pa uvijek ispod treba staviti i onaj bezbojni a i ne traje puno, nisam baš oduševljena :(

    1. Hvala na dobrodošlici! :D
      Zato ja stavljam Labello maslac, ali mi je super ovako malo da nadopuni make up. :)

  2. pridruži nam se na fb stranici:


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