subota, 1. veljače 2014.

Let's talk about scoliosis

I'm not a doctor and tips I'm going to share with you helped me, so have that on your mind.

Two years ago a doctor said to me that I have scoliosis but it wasn't bad so she didin't sent me to see another doctor. Three months ago my back started to hurt a lot. It was really painful. I went to a physiatrist and she sent me on a therapy. I went there twice. They showed me exercises which I have to do every day.

Exercises helped me a lot. I'm doing them every night and I can feel that they are helping me because the pain has reduced. I learned to relaxe and enjoy while doing them.

I'm sitting a lot, which is bad but I can't do anything about it because it's sitting in school. Many students like me have problems with their back. :(
Somewhere in the middle of the month I decided to stand while driving in school in tram. Basically I decided to do balance between sitting and standing. It's a short ride which takes 15 minutes.

Between classes I also stand. It's five minute break every 45 minutes and it would be horrible if I sit again because I've already been sitting for 45 minutes. I did that before and I was feeling pain. Now it's almost gone.

When I'm at home I try to sit as less as possible but that is hard because almost everything that we are doing includes sitting. So I try to do something else like walking my dog or any other physical activity like running. I'm not running now because I'm not that kind of a person who is running when it's cold outside so I'm waiting for better weather.

During the winter I only do my exercises which I learned on therapy, I have also added some of my own, I'm walking with my dog, exercising on PE and stand while driving from and in school.

If you have some tips how to live easier with scoliosis please leave them in the comment section! Thank you and I hope you have an amazing day! :)

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