subota, 28. prosinca 2013.

December favourites (english)

Hello everyone!
Since it is the end of December I decided to write about my monthly favourites.

I would like to start with teas. They are something that I can drink anytime but I like drinking them during the winter. My favourite are blueberry and winter magic (zimska čarolija).
Blueberry has become my favourite recently and I'm drinking it every day.
Winter magic has attracted me with name, cinnamon and cookies in it. :)

Time for cosmetic. I did some separate photos but not with nail polishes. On this picture are Essence that's what i mint and Maybelline nailpolish which does not have a name but it is the wine color.

Recently I had started using eyeshadows almost every day so here I'm showing you two most used this month and my favourite mascara. I use Essence multi action mascara for a very long time and I like it.

This little box saved my chapped lips. Labello Lip Butter Vanilla&Macadamia is great for these cold days because it moisturizes your lips and it will save them if they are dry or chapped.                 

I use Oil nutrititve conditioner from Schwarzkopf after washing my hair to help me brush it easily. I don't know how would I brush my hair without it. Also after using it my hair is very soft.

That is it for my December favourites. I hope you're all having a great day. :)

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