subota, 31. svibnja 2014.

May favorites

Hi everyone! :)
Today I will write something about my monthly favorites.
First are eyeshadows, Iconic 1 palette  and one small palette of green eyeshadows from Muller's make up suitcase. Green eyeshadows marked my may. As soon as the sun came out I wanted an eyeshadow which I don't wear often and which would highlight my eyes and so I decided on the green one. Green eyeshadows are really great for a little change of your look. Iconic 1 palette is my favorite since I've got it, so I had to think if I would like to mention it in this month favorites. I love it and it's not just my favorite of this month but it'll be my favorite until I use up every eyeshadow.

subota, 17. svibnja 2014.

My quick morning routine for school

I know that school is soon going to end or it may ended for some but I have it till 13th of June so I decided to share with you my quick morning routine.

Znam da će škola uskoro završiti ili je nekima već završila, ali meni tek završava 13.6. pa sam s vama odlučila podijeliti moju brzu jutarnju rutinu.

četvrtak, 8. svibnja 2014.

Things I need to have in my purse

For today's post I decided to share the things I need to have in my bag with you.

Za današnji post odlučila sam s vama podijeliti stvari koje uvijek moram imati u svojoj torbici.
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