četvrtak, 23. siječnja 2014.

What I bought in the past 30 days + reviews!!

I thought of posting things I bought that same day but I just wanted to try them and to be able to write something about them.

First cometic. You can see everything on this picture down below.

I bought Garnier gentle cleansing milk in DM and I think that it was a bit cheaper than usual. It is for face and eyes and for dry and sensitive skin. It also has protective rose extract. I'm really happy about this product because it does exactly what it says. It removes my make up gently and leaves my skin soft. I put my Nivea after using it.

My eyelids are oily so my eyeshadows don't last long. Because of that I decided to buy Essence I love stage eyeshadow base. I think my eyeshadow lasts a little longer but that is it. My sister used it as a concealer and it worked ok. I'm still testing this but there are more bad than good sides. 

I always use Essence liquid ink eyeliner because it is the best. Applying is very easy and it last long. I love it and I will continue buying it.

I was looking for a concealer and I was reading some positive reviews about Essence pure skin anti-spot cover stick so I decided to buy it. I put my Garnier BB cream first then this cover stick and I set everything with Essence all about matt. It works fine in this combination. One time I was too lazy so I just put this cover stick and soon my skin was oily. My skin is weird, maybe it's because of that.

Essence all about matt powder is ok. It helps my skin to stay normal and not turn greasy. That's a big plus.

I already wrote a review about brushes and you can read it here: Brushes review.

Few none cosmetic things.

New boots!!! I was so happy yesterday when I finally found something that I like. I bought them in store called Impressio in Vlaška. They were 30% off. 

I also bought black t-shirt and red wallet. I didin't post pictures because it's just a regular t-shirt and the color of the wallet on pictures is slightey different.

That is it. I hope you enjoyed reading this and that you have an awsome day. :)

4 komentara:

  1. Sviđaju mi se čizme, imam jedne slične oblikom, modre.
    Garnier mlijeko mi je odlično, koristila sam i zeleno. A, taj Essence tuš je jedan od boljih za tu cijenu. Baš ću ga ponovno kupit kad potrošim trenutni.

    1. Hvala, sigurno bi se meni i tvoje svidjele!
      Taj tuš je meni predobar i obožavam ga! :)

  2. Imam i ja Essence bazu i super mi je. Čizmice su za deset :)


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